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Want to take a walk on the wild side? Try freeriding out for size!

The Czech Republic is well-known for its many cross-country skiing trails, but if you’re looking for something a little more adrenalin-inducing, then maybe freeriding is for you. Also known as back country or big mountain skiing, freeriding involves getting off the slopes and onto ungroomed snow. To do this successfully and safely, you’ll need a special kind of equipment, and where better to find that than at a freeride ski shop? One of the bigger French names in freeriding is Zag, based in Chamonix, in the heart of the French Alps. Although freeride skis are stocked in many stores around Europe, the shop in Chamonix is a special concept store offering perks such as the chance to try out your skis before deciding whether or not to buy them. Obviously, the full range of Zag is on offer here, including touring skis, freerando skis, freeride patrol skis and freeride powder skis.

skier-montagneZag freeride skis – the pride of the French Alps

All of these products are actually designed in Chamonix too, as this is where the company’s research and development hub is to be found. Freeride skis are technologically very advanced pieces of equipment, made to fit the very specific requirements of the freeriding environment. Long tip and tail rockers, fibreglass double layers, vulcanized rubber and ABS sidewalls offer the added impact resistance, vibration absorption, strength and floatability needed in freeriding conditions. The shop also stocks a wide range of ski-related accessories. T-shirts, pullovers, caps, ski bags, crampons and climbing skins are just a few of these. Also available is a high-tech anti-theft device, called ‘ze tracker’. This is composed of an electronic chip in a little case that can be attached to your skis and which is connected to your smartphone using Bluetooth technology. There are two modes, one designed to help you find your skis if you lose one or more on the slopes (tracker mode), another which tells you if your skis have been moved from a static position (anti-theft mode).



Ardèche all the year round – count me in!

If you’re looking for a 365 day holiday destination, why not take a look at the Ardèche area of France? Located in southern France, the Ardèche region is gorgeous at any time of the year. It’s mountainous enough to offer plenty of winter sports options, including skiing, snow shoeing and dog-sledding. Many attractions will still be open in the spring and autumn seasons, but visitor numbers will still be low and peace and quiet come as standard! Moving into the summertime, canoeing the Ardèche River is an absolute must. This river winds its way through an impressive series of limestone gorges which have been likened to the Grand Canyon in the United States. All abilities can tackle this grade II river, which boasts some 30 separate rapids.


The Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Czech Republic lies in the historical territory of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, in a basin encircled with a wreath of border mountain ranges. In the past there were many ancient trade routes running from the east, west, north and south along the narrow river valleys to meet deep inland.

On this small area in the heart of Europe you will find all architectural styles, as reflected in their historical towns and cities, castles and palaces, valuable relics of sacred and rural architecture, remarkable museum and gallery collections and unique examples of technical construction.

Beautiful and famous places as historical core of Prague, towns as Kutná Hora, Český Krumlov, Telč, Kroměříž, the pilgrim church of St. John of Nepomuk at Zelená Hora, the chateau in Litomyšl, the Lednice-Valtice chateau complex, the chateau in Kroměříž, the Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc, and folk Baroque architecture in the village of Holašovice – have rightly been listed in the UNESCO List of World Cultural Heritage. Famous celebrities as Mozart, Kafka, Goethe, Beethoven, Einstain, Tycho Brahe and many others were influenced or in some way connected to the Czech lands.

Spa resorts Czech RepublicCzech Republic is beautiful country and has perfect conditions for active holidays. It has border mountain regions where you can enjoy skiing in the winter or hiking in the summer time, Southern Bohemia is full of romantic lakes and rivers, so you can enjoy fishing, rafting, etc.

Czechia has great terrains for cycling and hiking. There are beautiful spa resorts as well, where you can relax and enjoy cultural life and beautiful nature.

Very interesting is the « Beer tradition » and « Viniculture tradition » and you have great chance to visit famous breweries – to see the process of brewing and taste fresh beer or visit wine cellars – eat delicious meals and taste wide range of wines. For those, who like hunting is Czech Republic a paradise.

Czech beer traditionThere are hunting areas with all the necessary comfort and services. Folklor tradition is a treasure of the czech nation, which is very friendly, hospitable and endowed with a special sense of humour.

Whether you need a place to relax, for sport or entertainment, if you want to become acquainted with history, art and the beauties of nature or need suitable venue for congresses, then the Czech Republic is the right destination for you.

Prague – the City of Hundred Spires

« Prague is a most majestic town and my mind frequently wandered back to Rome – the city which resembles Prague more than any other. For completeness´ sake, I would like to mention the splendour of a celebration, at which the aristocratic beauty of the Prague women, their magnificent gait and robes, so charming and elegant in the blooming spring gardens of the palace, reminded me of Dante´s Paradise. » Augustin Rodin, 1902

In recent days Prague has become one of the most frequently visited places in central Europe. Prague is usually called the Mother of Cities, the City of a Hundred Spires, the Golden City, the Magic City – these are just a few of the many attributes that Prague has merited. While the Czech Republic is the heart of Europe, Prague is its soul. Situated in the fertile basin of the Vltava river, Prague has from time immermorial junction of European trade routes, attracting businessmen as well as artists. It is almost impossible to say which of the architectual styles is the most typical of the city. Romanesque monasteries, a Gothic cathedral, Renaisssance palaces and gardens, Baroque churches, Classicist manors, Art Nouveau and Cubist structures, as well as contemporary architecture which has recently won the prestigious award of Time magazine, Prague has all of it. The historical core of Prague was declared a Prague Monument Reserve in 1971 and is listed in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage register.

historical core of PraguePrague is very romantic city with its labyrinth of twisting little streets. Untill the 18th century Prague has been devided into 4 smaller towns – Hradčany with Prague Castle, Lesser Town, Old Town and New Town. In the 2nd half of the 18th century Prague became 1 big city.

During your stay you shouldn´t miss Old Town Square with the Old Town Hall with famous Astrological clock, Church of Our Lady Before Týn and House at the Bell. From Old Town Square you can easily reach Charles Bridge, one of the oldest in the central Europe and from there get to the Lesser Town with its famous historical houses and palaces.

When you climb up the hill, you will reach Prague Castle, the millennium-old residence of the kings of Bohemia and the seat of the president of the Czech Republic. It´s not far away from there to Petřín hill with its cable car and magnificent view from a reduced-size copy of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Prague national theatreIf you are interested in Jewish culture, we reccomend you to visit Prague Jewish Quarter with the oldest synagogue in central Europe – Gothic Old-New Synagogue. Nearby lies Old Jewish Cemetery with more than 12,000 tombstones, the oldest of which date from the 15th century.

Or you can visit New Town and see the largest square of Prague – Charles Square, or Wenceslas Square – the main thoroughfare of Prague, National Theatre or National Museum. But there is much more to see, of course…

However Prague is also modern metropolis and a centre of culture, education and trade and is able to satisfy all its visitors.