Is an international data SIM card on your pre-holiday check-list?

The time just before you head off on holiday can be hectic – to say the least! Many people make a check-list to make sure they forget nothing – passport, travel money, suntan lotion, phrase book and more – but how many people think to order an international data sim card before they jet off? Some may feel that with the advent of more widespread free Wi-Fi access, the days of the international data sim card are numbered. However, this could be a dangerous misconception, especially if you’re bound for a less developed destination or a holiday in a rural part of the world. Even many hotels in European cities will still charge for your Wi-Fi connection, especially more upmarket establishments. If you don’t want to get stung for these sometimes eye-watering fees, then an international data sim card is definitely your best bet.



Get a France data sim card for total freedom when abroad

If you’re on vacation in France and would like to be able to keep in touch with friends, relatives or business contacts at all times, then a France data sim card will be just the ticket. Relying on Wi-Fi can turn out to be very expensive, and even free Wi-Fi connections may not always be reliable – or simply available. Who wants to have to wait for the local café to open – or be rushing to read your emails before it closes – in order to stay connected with the world? Purchasing a specific France data sim card will give you the ability to download data on the local network – at great value rates – whenever you need to, day or night. It’s the perfect way to ensure you can keep tabs on what’s going on at home, even when abroad!