Pilsner Urquell Beer World

Pilsen is the place, where golden lager was born in 1842. In Pilsner Urquel Beer World you will discover the secret of this original and will become acquainted with the renewed Czech art – that of brewing good beer. In the Brewery Museum you can become familiar with the history of brewing from the earliest times to the recent time. Afterwords you will visit of unique Pilsner Urquel Beer World itself – its birthplace. You can relax than in the stylish alehouse, where you can enjoy excellent beer and delicious meals.

Glass-house Nižbor (close to Prague)

Glass house NizborIndividual phases of crystal production are introduced to the visitors including show of the manual technologies, pot-metal operations, processing, painging and cutting. At the end of the excursion you can buy glass products in the glass store.