Cultural programmes

Czech Song and Dance Ensemble

Since its inception in 1947, Czech Song and Dance Ensemble has been the only proffesional folklore compyny in the Czech Republic. Also this season you have great chance to see fascinating performances, a selection of the best of Czech, Moravian and Slovakian folklore with cymbalo music with refreshments. This show starts at 20.30 and ends at 22.10, so it takes 90 minutes. It takes place in air-conditioned hall.

Traditional czech dinner with folklor show

Czech National TheatreIt takes place in newly opened reconstructed Čičovice court equipped with unique and stylish furniture, where you can enjoy delicious czech cusine. While eating you can see the show of folklor dances and listen to cymbalo music.

Czech National Theatre

There are performed famous operas and ballets as well. You can see e. g. Rualka by A. Dvořák, The cunning little vixen by L. Janáček, Swan lake by Tchaikovsky, Carmen by G. Bizet, Ballet Gala and many others.